This site contains genealogical information of 17745 people, the majority of whom was born in the Netherlands. Of them 9274 carry the name Troost (or one of the variations in spelling).
On the left you find the alphabetical index of surnames; clicking on a letter brings the list of all surnames starting with that letter. Similar surnames are sorted by first name; similar first names by year of birth; similar years of birth by year of death.
On average new data are being added twice a month.

Each individual is always presented with his or her immediate family. Parents are linked to the family from which they originate; children are linked to the family of which they are a parent. Known places of birth or baptism, and of marriage or declaration of banns and of death or burial are shown.

If a place or date is unknown, a "?" is shown. In addition the parentís profession may be given.

For privacy reasons the birth year of people born less than 100 years ago is indicated by a "!"; the same symbol is used for marriage and death years of less than 50 years ago.

Occasionally the fatherís name is followed by 2 numbers in square brackets. The second number indicates the total number of generations of this particular family tree; the first number indicates the position of fatherís generation, relative to the total number of generations.

Childrenís names can be followed by a "+" and a number between square brackets. This indicates the number of generations of the childís descendants. It always concerns descendants in the paternal line.

The data can roughly be divided into:

Please send questions, remarks or additions to Erik Troost.

Last updated on Oktober 16, 2013